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_ S U P E R   M A R I O   W O R L D_

_ Grand Poo World II _

_ Miscellaneous Hacks _

Grand Poo World II is a difficult, fan-made Super Mario World game created by Twitch streamer BarbarousKing and dedicated to his friend, GrandPooBear.

Adding custom music to this game, one capable of being played on original Super Nintendo hardware, requires a text-based notation to reimagine the source material within the SNES' system limitations.

The soundtrack features over a dozen of my ports, including an original composition: 33 - House of the Undying.

The game's popularity within the Mario community was great enough that it was picked to be showcased at a 2019 charity event, Games Done Quick.

My work has appeared in several other Super Mario World fan-games. These pieces are available free for use in your own games and can be found on SMWCentral.

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