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Along with all this, there is also a sublime soundtrack, one of the memorable ones and which we hope will also be released in stand alone format.



It’s a treat for the ears too, with a lovely suite of instrumental music that perfectly matches the emotion of every scene.



The orchestral score carries a classic adventure feel, which adds to the game’s retro charm.

Digitally Downloaded

The music perfectly complements this, too, giving the game a powerful sense of time and place and the end result is very similar to that of a fairy tale. 



The music is equally as good, combining sweeping orchestral scores with heavy metal for a truly eclectic soundtrack that consistently keeps the pace up. 


The music of the world is also worth mentioning. I rarely find myself drawn to video game soundtracks, but these melodies got my attention. 


We also have to highlight the soundtrack, with beautiful themes that transport you to the magical world that Cris Tales proposes, capable of adapting to any situation in which we find ourselves, if we are in full battle the rhythm of  the music will become more lively, in On the other hand, if we find ourselves exploring the stage, we will have quite mild and quiet melodies. Without a doubt, a success in all its aspects.

Gamer Escape

When it comes to sound, the music is absolutely stellar. The sheer variety of different musical genres and the demonstrable quality of the compositions is the only place where Cris Tales fully delivers on its premise as a love letter to classic JRPGs. I have nothing negative to say about any music in the game whatsoever, from the rocking upbeat battle theme to the somber percussive tones that echo when you’re exploring a sewer.


Of course, one of the points where Cris Tales shines is in its soundtrack and incidental music with songs composed by Tyson Wernli, an independent composer who knew how to capture the moments of the game to add the appropriate music that highlights those  situations of happiness, sadness, drama , triumph or defeat.


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